Our patent attorneys around the world are experts in securing the most effective patent protection for their clients, regardless of their size or industry. All of our offices provide expert drafting and prosecution services, strategic advice on patent portfolio management, and services to help clients manage and maximise their useof their patents post-grant.
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We work across these sectors and more (click on any technical area below to view our specialists):

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We obtain patent protection for clients around the world, either directly or with support from our trusted network of associate firms.

Patent strategy

We can:

  • review your existing portfolio of rights and offer advice on its strengths and weaknesses
  • help to design internal systems for the most efficient and effective management of the IP arising from your innovation processes
  • provide internal training programmes to ensure that you are getting the maximum IP return from your R&D investment
  • review competitor and sector activity worldwide and help you plan your branding strategy accordingly
  • advise on the best protection strategy for an invention and then manage its implementation worldwide
  • advise on the many different ways of leveraging your IP rights, including using the Patent Box
  • help you ensure you get the maximum return on the IP in your invention for as long as possible.

Securing patent protection

We can:

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advise on whether a new invention can be patented

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provide novelty and infringement searches

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draft and prosecute patent applications through to grant

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advise on requests for supplementary protection certificates

Patents at work

We can:

  • advise on issues such as amendment, validity, infringement of clients' and third party patents
  • consider the possibility of designing around third party rights to avoid infringement
  • advise on compulsory licence applications
  • bring and defend actions for the revocation of patents
  • bring and defend actions relating to the infringement of patents
  • oppose the grant of patents before relevant patent offices
  • contest inventorship or the entitlement to grant
  • help you police your patent rights to ensure that they are not infringed
  • assist with the transfer of your rights or the acquisition of third party rights

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