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Additive Manufacturing, or 3D printing, promises to disrupt industries ranging from medical technology and pharmaceuticals, to energy and transport. By allowing for distributed manufacture, and the ability to quickly scale production to meet demand, 3D printing opens up a world of opportunity to manufacturers. It also however brings challenges. The same qualities which make 3D printing so attractive to manufacturers also make it attractive to counterfeiters. Intellectual property law is working hard to keep up with this emerging technology, but many of the rules are still being written. This is why it’s important for manufacturers to get in front of 3D printing and future proof their intellectual property now – doing so could be the difference between success and failure in the 3DP economy.

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Our 3D printing experts write regularly on some of the key IP questions raised by 3D printing, and also host regular webinars and events. For further information, or if you’d like to arrange some bespoke 3D printing training for your organisation, please contact

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Peter Roberts

Peter Roberts Partner Manchester (UK) Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney

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Matthew Jefferies Senior Associate London (UK) Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney

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Thomas Prock Partner London (UK) Chartered (UK), German and European Patent Attorney

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Daniel Sizer Senior Associate London (UK) Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney

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Mitchell Clark Associate Manchester (UK) Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney

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