Whether you have design processes already in place or want to explore this right in more detail, we can offer you tailored advice and work with you to plan and implement a protection strategy. Registered design rights are a form of IP protection that businesses can employ to protect branding, material products resulting from research and development and other products. Our experienced patent and trade mark attorneys offer insight into how design rights work best as part of an IP protection strategy.

We obtain design protection for clients around the world, either directly or with support from our trusted network of associate firms.

Design right strategy

We can:

  • review competitor and sector activity in the geographical locations important to your business and growth
  • advise on ways to leverage your designs and maximise the return on the IP in your designs

Securing design right protection

We can:

represent you directly before the Designs Registry and the courts in the appropriate countries

advise you on possible alternatives including unregistered rights, where a design cannot be registered

Design rights at work

We can:

  • offer guidance and support around issues such as amendment validity and the infringement of clients’ and third party designs
  • help design around third party rights to avoid infringement

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