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On 29 March 2017 the United Kingdom gave formal notice of its intention to leave the European Union, in keeping with the result of the referendum on EU membership that had been held the previous year.  Unless agreement to an alternative date is reached, this means that the UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019.
Whilst the UK is leaving the EU, Marks & Clerk is not. 
Marks & Clerk is a global, outward looking firm with a long history of working internationally and across borders and we will continue to be one of the leading European intellectual property firms. We have had a presence in continental Europe for nearly 30 years, serving clients from the UK, the EU and further afield, as well as having offices in Asia and Canada.
Negotiations between the UK and the EU continue but for the time being there is considerable uncertainty over what the future relationship between the UK and the EU will look like.  Although some kind of transitional deal immediately following the UK’s departure seems likely, the nature of that is also unclear. What is clear however, is that “Brexit” will impact virtually every aspect of the UK economy and the legislative and legal challenge is also significant.

Marks & Clerk's expert and dedicated Brexit team are keeping a close eye on the Brexit process and will continue to update our clients and our guidance regularly. Below you will find detailed analysis of the potential implications of Brexit for intellectual property both in the UK, and internationally. 

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