Robin OxleyMA, MSci


Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney

Offices: Birmingham (UK), London (UK)

Languages spoken: English


Telephone (Office): +44 121 643 5881, +44 207 420 0000

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Robin Oxley

Robin is a Chartered and European Patent Attorney, with experience in drafting and prosecution of worldwide patent portfolios, especially European, British, US and Australian, but working with partners worldwide in most countries of the world. He works with many types of client to deliver solutions that are commercially focussed, useful and relevant to them, from entrepreneurs and growing companies, through to multinational and global corporations.

Robin is experienced with, and enjoys handling, contentious procedures including Opposition and Appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office and has experience with court proceedings in the UK. He regularly travels to Japan and the Far East.

Technologies he has worked with include: automotive, tires, LCD display technologies, mechanical and civil engineering, power generation, cryptography, medical implants and beverage industry. He has a particular interest in automotive and tire technologies, as well as general mechanical and engineering technologies.

Robin graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge with Honours and Masters degrees in Natural Sciences, specialising in Physics, but also including Chemistry, Mathematics and Physiology.

Robin Oxley works in the following sectors

Aerospace Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Medical devices
Oil and Gas

A ‘case’ of infringement?

UK High Court uses ‘overall impression’ test to overthrow Community registered design judgment in Magmatic v PMS International

POSTED 30 April 2014

Companies must out-innovate the competition to get ahead in China

POSTED 12 February 2013

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