Litigation (patents, knowhow, SPCs)

Our lawyers advise clients on pre-litigation strategy and all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution relating to patents, SPCs and confidential information.

If clients choose or are forced to litigate, our experience helps them achieve their objectives in:

   Looking for oppositions at the EPO?

Looking for alternative dispute resolution?

  • The UK High Court
  • The UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court
  • The UK Court of Appeal
  • The UK Supreme Court
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union

We also advise on multi-jurisdictional issues, especially throughout Europe, including where to commence proceedings to maximise commercial advantage and the potential impact of proceedings in the European Patent Office and Unified Patents Court.

Patents and SPCs

Patent litigation is one of our major strengths. Patents should be asserted carefully and judiciously, but with full commitment and cost-efficiency. Likewise, defending patent actions requires the ability to develop meaningful, realistic and cost-effective strategies, defences and counterclaims.
  Looking for patent protection?


We can:

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assert and defend infringement claims of GB and EP (UK) patents

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co-ordinate multi-national patent litigation with other advisors worldwide

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handle disputes relating to SPCs

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act in FRAND, essentiality and licensing disputes

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act in entitlement disputes

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act in disputes over rights to employee compensation

Our clients expect us to have deep knowledge of patent law and practice, and expect us to understand the relevant technology, business objectives and commercial backdrop to their business and their dispute. We do not disappoint.

The close working relationship between our lawyers and the patent attorneys worldwide means we are able to draw on each other's expertise quickly and efficiently, to achieve our clients' goals.


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Our technical expertise enables us to advise clients in disputes over the “theft” of knowhow and other breaches of confidence, from urgent interim injunction applications to major litigation in the Courts.


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