Due diligence

All our IP professionals advise on the IP aspects of corporate deals. We handle the acquisition and disposal of companies or businesses/assets, including vendor, investor and acquisition due diligence.

Our input enables target companies to maximise their value and get in shape for the coming transaction, and helps ensure that buyers and investors know exactly what they are taking on.

Sellers, buyers and investors alike need to know the strengths and weakness of an IP portfolio. We have developed an approach to IP due diligence from small investments up to multi-million dollar deals, which is tailored to the size and nature of the business acquisition:

each assignment individually scoped

tailored to client expectations, risk analysis and time constraints

coherent and structured approach to searches, reports and opinions

issues systematically identified and tracked

Our analytical patent landscaping tools help evaluate a company's potential, assess the strength of its IP portfolio, benchmark it against major competitors’ portfolios, and identify threats that could undermine a company's value.

We work alongside corporate law firms, in-house legal teams, accountants, investment banks, private equity houses and venture capitalists, but we are unique as we offer, alongside our lawyers, patent and trade mark attorneys and IP valuation experts who are experts in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronics and software, mechanical engineering, chemicals, food engineering, retail products and services.

Our due diligence expertise covers a wide range of technologies and businesses, and includes:

  • investigating and reporting on patent portfolios, ownership, infringement and validity of rights
  • investigating disputes involving IP
  • reports required for stock exchange listings
  • patent clearances and freedom to operate opinions
  • advising on wording of warranties and disclosures
  • trade mark searches and reports on brand strength
  • assessing onerous clauses and potential exposure in commercial contracts
  • valuation of IP assets which are the subject of the transaction

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Elena Nicholas

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Dhiviya Mohan

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Mike Flint

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William Cook

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