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Brand owners face difficult issues in policing the use of their trade marks on the internet. "Fly-by-night" infringers can cause considerable harm by setting up rogue web sites with confusingly similar names. Websites are digital shop fronts: it is important that online identity is protected.

The expansion of the domain name system means that it is possible to register keywords (“.music” and “.books”), or specific brand names (“.amazon”, ".mars"). It is also possible to register generic top level names, country codes, or a combination of both (“.org”, “.uk”, “” respectively). These changes increase competitiveness and choice in the domain name space.

We can:

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search for available domain names

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register domain names

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handle alternative dispute resolution procedures with ICANN

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handle proceedings within the UK courts for trade mark infringement and passing-off

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advise on domain name portfolio management

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register your trade mark details with the Trademark Clearinghouse

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Simon Speeks

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Martine Adamoff

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Will Jensen
Managing Associate

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Chin Wah Tsang

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