Alternative dispute resolution

We have extensive experience of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) including mediation and arbitration. ADR provides an attractive means of resolving complex disputes confidentially, away from court, often leading to the best commercial solution for both sides. ADR can be a particularly useful alternative to cross-border disputes where businesses are faced with unfamiliar laws and court procedures of several international jurisdictions.


Negotiating or mediating a dispute can often be the most effective strategy for achieving commercial certainty. By doing so, clients can achieve a swift and commercially-focused outcome that avoids the management time necessary to oversee complex litigation. It often helps to preserve a commercial relationship with the opposing party through forward-looking commercial arrangements.


We represent clients in arbitrations conducted under the rules of international arbitral bodies including the LCIA, AAA and ICC. We have wide experience of recommending the most appropriate mediator or arbitrators for any particular dispute, and advising on strategies for successful resolution of disputes.

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Michael Moore

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Graham Burnett-Hall

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Rajesh Sagar
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Jo Edworthy

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