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Covid-19: Managing your intellectual property

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The global coronavirus epidemic is impacting individuals and businesses across the world. First and foremost this is a human tragedy, causing suffering to thousands worldwide. While different governments are taking different approaches in jurisdictions globally, the overarching aim is to contain the spread of the virus and therefore minimise casualties while also managing demand on overstretched healthcare systems. This comes with significant economic costs as whole sections of the economy are temporarily closed, leading to job losses and economic contraction.

Never before has innovation been so important. Whether it's pharmaceutical companies searching for a vaccine or medical device manufacturers switching to the production of ventilators and other crucial medical equipment, innovation will be key in meeting the challenges posed by Covid-19.

We are committed to working with our clients and our staff to support this innovation and are producing a series of articles, podcasts and other thought leadership focused on practical advice for intellectual property holders. There are many questions which our clients are asking. How to license your IP to a third party in order that extra demand for medtech can be met? How should IP be managed when revenue is under pressure? Will existing trade marks cover the production of items that a business hasn’t previously manufactured?

In this series we aim to answer these, and other questions. These questions and more are currently front and centre for many businesses, as they seek both to navigate the choppy economic waters and contribute to wider efforts to beat the coronavirus. We hope this series will be of practical value to innovators looking to meet these challenges.

If you have any specific questions you would like us to cover, or if you have any question generally about your intellectual property and coronavirus, then please contact your regular Marks & Clerk attorney, or email

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