Utility models

Sometimes referred to as “petty patents” or “innovation patents” a utility model can often be a more appropriate route of protecting some of your inventions than a patent. Faster and cheaper than patent protection, the main reason for exploring the use of utility models over patents is dependent on a client’s commercial objectives, industry, local marketing needs, and often company and market size. Our patent attorneys are experts in advising on and obtaining this kind of protection.

We obtain utility model protection for clients where available around the world, either directly or with support from our trusted network of associate firms.

Securing utility model protection

We can:

advise on whether a utility model offers more suitable protection for a new invention than a patent

provide novelty and infringement searches

draft, file and prosecute, if needed utility model applications through to grant

Utility models at work

We can:

  • advise on issues such as amendment, validity, infringement of clients' and third party rights
  • consider the possibility of designing around third party rights to avoid infringement
  • advise on compulsory licence applications
  • bring and defend actions for the revocation of utility models
  • bring and defend actions relating to the infringement of utility models
  • oppose the grant of utility models
  • contest inventorship or the entitlement to grant
  • help you police your utility model rights to ensure that they are not infringed
  • draft licences and assignments and assist in negotiations with third parties
  • assist with the transfer of your rights or the acquisition of third party rights

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Cindy Tung
Trainee Patent Attorney

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Mike Flint

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