IP valuation

There is increasing recognition of the potential of IP as an asset for investment, as a means of providing security for loans and for leveraging transactions. A significant problem is that of valuing IP. We offer valuations around the world – and all the due diligence, documenting, validity and scope research and portfolio assessments needed to support credible valuations – of intellectual property rights of all types including goodwill and other intangibles such as customer lists.

By working as a team our intellectual property legal and valuation experts can provide robust data and analysis, based on independent review and research to support the valuations given, adapted to the specific needs of the client or type of transaction involved.

We value all assets that must be individually accounted for under IAS38 and IFRS3. These include patents, brands, copyright, franchise and other IP licence agreements, trade secrets, customer lists and the like.

We offer strategic advice on how to maximise the value of the portfolios reviewed, provide budget and cash flow forecasts and assess licensing options and structures. We draft and advise on IP transaction documents to implement the strategic advice.

We make use of experienced multidisciplinary teams appropriate to the technology and IP assets in question to ensure a quick and value for money service, based on clear estimates and pricing, and with clear terms of business and statements of scope.

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