Samuel BatemanMSci, PhD


European Patent Attorney

Offices: London (UK)

Languages spoken: English


Telephone (Office): +44 20 7420 0000

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Samuel Bateman

Samuel joined the Marks & Clerk London office in 2015, having completed a PhD in non-linear photonics with the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials (CPPM) at the University of Bath. Prior to his postgraduate studies, he received an MSci degree in physics from the University of Bristol.

His postgraduate research focused on the fabrication of photonic crystal optical fibres, and work towards the development of a fibre-based gas discharge laser using the recently developed “negative curvature“ class of fibres. He also worked on the treatment of silica glass with deuterium to manage defect formation in high power “super-continuum” fibre lasers, and carried out research on the development of very high numerical aperture optical fibres for solar energy generation.

Samuel Bateman works in the following sectors

Mechanical Engineering
Optical Technologies

Post-grant corrections

After G 1/10, the EPO Board of Appeal considers corrections made to the claims of a granted patent during Opposition proceedings.

POSTED 14 February 2017
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POSTED 15 March 2016

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