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The Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court in Europe

Published March 2017

The introduction of the Unitary Patent (UP) and Unified Patent Court (UPC) will be one of the most significant changes to patent law in Europe since the signing of the European Patent Convention and subsequent creation of the European Patent system. In this briefing report, we look at the details of the new system, the outstanding issues and considerations for patent applicants and litigants, updated to June 2019.


Graham Burnett-Hall

Graham Burnett-Hall Partner London (UK) Solicitor (UK)

William Cook

William Cook Senior Counsel London (UK) Solicitor (UK)

Tim Hargreaves

Tim Hargreaves Partner Edinburgh (UK) Glasgow (UK) Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney

Michael Moore

Michael Moore Partner London (UK) Solicitor (UK)

Thomas Prock

Thomas Prock Partner London (UK) Chartered (UK), German and European Patent Attorney

Daniel Talbot-Ponsonby

Daniel Talbot-Ponsonby Partner Oxford (UK) Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney

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