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Brexit & Designs

Published January 2018

Brexit will impact all areas of the UK economy, and intellectual property is no exception. Negotiations between the UK and the EU continue but for the time being there is considerable uncertainty over what the future relationship between the UK and the EU will look like. While the legislative challenge of Brexit will be significant, much of the current architecture of intellectual property law will remain unchanged following the UK’s departure from the EU. International intellectual property agreements to which the UK is party such as the Paris Convention and the TRIPS Agreement, for example, exist outside of the EU so will be unaffected by Brexit. Likewise, relationships between the UK and the European Patent Office also exist outside the remit of the EU. Other areas of IP however, such as trade marks, could face considerable change, though much depends on the negotiations.

In this series of guides we examine the potential impacts of Brexit in four key areas of intellectual property. Here we look at Brexit and designs.


Graham Burnett-Hall

Graham Burnett-Hall Partner London (UK) Solicitor (UK)

Gregory Carty-Hornsby

Gregory Carty-Hornsby Associate Manchester (UK) Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney

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