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Game on! Razer awarded in all three categories of the WIPO-IPOS Intellectual Property Awards 2019

29 August 2019

Razer, a tech company specialising in gaming hardware and software, have won a clean sweep at the WIPO-IPOS Intellectual Property Awards 2019, winning in each of the three categories.

The WIPO users trophy is awarded to the most innovative user of WIPO’s services (via the PCT for patents, the Hague system for designs, and the Madrid system for trade marks), and the Award for IP Champions recognises the top three organisations who have woven IP into their business plan and used it to achieve growth.  The final prize, the WIPO IP enterprise trophy, is awarded to the IP Champion who is deemed to have made the most imaginative use of IP within their business strategy.

Razer’s win is a huge credit to the company, and a reminder to others to look beyond the simple strategies available when dealing with IP, and to work out how new tools, tactics, and services can be brought together to create a strategy which is as innovative as the IP being protected.

The other winners of the Award for IP Champions are Biolidics, a company developing cancer diagnostics, and Durapower Holdings, who specialise in lithium battery technology.

The WIPO-IPOS awards began in 2013, and 21 companies have been recognised over the years, across a diverse array of industries and sectors.  The awards are announced each year as part of “IP Week @ SG”, a celebration of IP in Singapore.

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