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20 July 2016

A number of our Trainee Patent Attorneys and single qualified Patent Attorneys have celebrated recent successes in the European Patent exams.

The following people have become dual qualified: Daniel Wolstenholme (Birmingham); Lara Sibley and Timothy Kim (London); Steven Pediani (Manchester); and Franziska Luckert (Glasgow).

The following have become single qualified: Kyle Arndt (Glasgow) and Sophie Topham (London) have become European qualified. Anne Gilbert (London) has become UK qualified.

There were also individual exam passes for Kate Adamson (Edinburgh), Michael Chester (Oxford) and Andrew Rudhall (Glasgow).

Please join us in congratulating all of those listed above - between them, these candidates sat a total of 27 examinations and their combined pass rate was an impressive 96 per cent!

For further details, please contact:
Richard Holme

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