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IP for Start-ups and Spin-outs

6 September 2019

Start-ups and spin-outs need to maximise the commercial advantage from their Innovations. Our Commercial Solicitor Simon Portman and Patent Attorney Esther Ford discuss some essential points in an interview with Kirsten Masson of St. John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, UK. Tune in to our podcast to hear about types of Intellectual Property (IP) typically owned by early-stage companies,  how to exploit that IP to attract investment and collaborate with universities and industry, and for pragmatic advice on IP costs and strategies.
Simon and Esther answer Kirsten’s questions on:

  • Is it actually necessary to protect your IP? (0:30)
  • Is Registered IP where the upfront costs lie? If so, is Registered IP really necessary? (4:25)
  • I’ve heard that software can’t be protected, is that correct? (6:43)
  • Challenges of collaborations between universities and companies (10:42)
  • Perils of joint IP (15:43)
  • Investor turn offs (20:05)
  • Common mistakes of new companies (24:09)
  • Managing professional advisor costs (27:16)
  • Final messages for budding tech entrepreneurs (29:50)


Esther Ford

Esther Ford Partner Cambridge (UK) Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney

Simon Portman

Simon Portman Managing Associate Cambridge (UK) Solicitor (UK)

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