Protect, enforce and commercialise

IP protection does not stop when patents, trade marks or other rights have been granted.

IP rights enable protection of the results of research, development and creative effort as well as reputation and goodwill. But this requires the owner to take action: it is rare for governmental bodies (or the courts) to enforce rights without instigation by the owner.

However, IP rights are much more than a tool for restricting competitive infringing activity. Many executives, investors and service providers appreciate how a portfolio of IP rights can be used as a business asset, to create value in itself. Licensing IP rights (especially patents) to create new revenue streams is an increasingly common business model.

And when business transactions take place, a suitable due diligence process needs to take place. With major acquisitions, an exhaustive investigation into the subject’s IP can prove to be critical.

All this commoditisation of IP necessitates planning and focused implementation of IP strategies. From the beginning of a business concept and throughout its entire life, IP protection, enforcement and commercialisation should be intertwined. This is why it is important to work with a team of advisors bringing insight from each area for the benefit of the whole.

At Marks & Clerk, we have patent and trade mark attorneys renowned for obtaining the very best IP protection, and lawyers recognised for their market-leading IP litigation, licensing and due diligence practice. These specialists form one team under one roof. We can source all IP services needed by any business, ensuring consistency of quality, business communication and strategy.

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Protect, enforce, commercialise

Protect, enforce, commercialise

Patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, and lawyers – under one roof

Business Intelligence Q2 2020<BR/>Q2 2020

Business Intelligence Q2 2020
Q2 2020

POSTED 16 June 2020

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